The Vision

We hope to establish music centers in Africa and the Middle East that offer the following services to people of all ages:
• A variety of music classes taught by various musical experts that teach subjects such as music composition, lyrical composition, electronic music, singing/screaming, instrumental music.
Peacebuilding classes that cover topics such as conflict analysis and resolution, healthy forms of expression, and stress management.
Festivals, concerts, and workshops hosted by bands and music artists from the U.S., Canada, and Europe.
Instrument and equipment rentals and purchasing.
Recording studios for students and locals who participate in our programs.
Jobs in teaching, equipment repair and maintenance, music and stage tech, and program administration to students, alumni, and other qualified locals.

For students entering the program, we do not want money to be an issue. Students will be equipped with all the resources they need based upon active participation in the program. As students take classes and participate in music lessons, they will be given full access to the center’s resources to use.  Each student will learn how to properly use, repair, and maintain the instruments and equipment. After the students complete the classes, they will be given their own instruments and equipment to eventually be successful on their own.
We want all our students to walk away with an understanding that through creativity and a deeper knowledge of one’s self, they can have a better and more meaningful life. It does not matter whether all our students go on to have music careers or not, what we hope is that each of them can be changed from their experience at Cathartic Expressions and walk away with a motivation to create a better life for themselves.