Program Format


  • Five workshops, one per day.
  1. Emotions
  2. Catharsis
  3. Expression
  4. Art and Music
  5. Creators
    • At the end of the week they receive a CD playerheadphones, and two CD’s(There will be a limited variety of CD’s to choose from).
    • If students still desire, they can then participate in our year-long music school.

Music Classes

  • Three Semesters

             -     Beginner (3 months)

             -     Intermediate (3 months)

             -     Advanced (3 months)                                                                                               

  • Five different music schools, students pick one.
  1. Vocal (Singing, Rapping, Screaming)
  2. Keys (Piano and Keyboard)
  3. Strings (Guitar and Bass)
  4. Percussion
  5. Electronic
    • Each student will have a paid job associated with what semester they are in. Beginners will be recruiters, Intermediate will do instrument maintenance and cleaning, Advanced will be tutors.
    • Class criteria will include music lessons, research papers on musical artists, and music theory.
  • Graduation will be at the end of the year. They will receive a certificate and a new instrument with the essential equipment.


  • The following music performances will be held:
  1. 12 concerts (one per month)
  2. 4 battle of the bands (one per quarter)
  3. 1 Festival
    • Concerts will be for student performances only.
    • Battle of the bands will be for anyone who wants to compete. Winners will receive an allotted amount of recording studio time (allotment TBD).
    • Festivals will have 1 to 5 bands from the U.S. and Europe come and do workshops with the students for one week. At the end of the week, there will be a day long music festival where the invited bands will play with student bands.

Post Music Program

We would have a variety of part and full-time positions available for Alumni. They would be able to do anything from teaching to administration of the center.

Our Goal

In order to reach the largest range of young adults and adolescents (to combat potential extremism), we want to make our program paralleled to the process of being in a gang. There will be initiation (first week of workshops), adoption into family or group (music and t-shirt), positions and jobs that create belonging and a feeling of importance, exciting events to create bonding and unity with the family or group (Concerts and festivals). We feel that by adopting this mentality, we can attract the most troubled of young adults and thus help society on a grander scale.