Anger and the Daimonic

(This article is influence by the writings of Dr. Stephen A. Diamond and his book “Anger, Madness and the Daimonic)

Anger is a natural emotional response to events that contradict or damn what we expect or plan on in life. It is a primal aggressive reaction to threats the occur in our lives. It gives us courage, and can empower us if used properly.

The Daimonic is the natural force that pushes us forward in life. Where is it pushing us? Towards individuation (the process of becoming unique and individual).

Creativity is the process of properly using the Daimonic

When things go wrong or a something damages us in life, our diamon pushes us to choose between two paths: creativity or destruction. For those who choose the path of creativity, they can take that negative event, observe it, redeem it, and use it to create something good. A classic example of this is when we all go through setbacks in life (like losing a job, losing a loved one, or becoming sick), but how many times do you hear people who have gone through them talk about how it helped make them a better person led to new good things in their life. This is an example of using the daimonic for constructive purposes. When one would take these events and use the anger negatively, an example would be self-harm or the abuse of other people.

This can further be illustrated when talking about someone who has suffered severe negative events such as abuse, mental disorders, divorce, etc. Those who are harboring angry feelings or embitterment from such events can find healing when they can take those negative things that happened to them and express it in an artistic way. By bringing those dark emotions to the surface and releasing them through constructive means, this can help release the pressure and the potency of the negative emotions.

In Fact, creativity cannot exist without problems. It takes a blend of good and evil (like Ying and Yang) to create the necessary environment for the seeds of creativity to take root. Just as all human beings experience good and bad, both internally and externally, we must use both deconstructive and constructive forces to create.